Horses & Cattle

Veterinary Care for Horses & Cattle

bulls-219952Establishing a regular schedule of examinations for your horses and cattle is the best strategy for keeping your animals healthy. Our hospital has special exam areas for both horses and cattle, and we encourage you to bring your animals to us. Justin Animal Hospital’s experienced veterinarians will perform complete wellness examinations and treat all types of illness and injury with the most up-to-date methods.

All Horses Need Proper Care

Your horse, whether it is a backyard pet, your trail riding companion, or an experience rodeo participant, will benefit from regular wellness visits. We look forward to getting to know your horse and will work with you to provide the best care possible.

Preventive tests and vaccinations we recommend include:

  • Yearly equine schedule
  • Coggins (blood test for equine infectious anemia)
  • Drench deworm
  • Intranasal strangles
  • West Nile virus (semi-annual)
  • VEWT and flu/rhino
  • Rabies

Veterinary Care and Vaccines for Cattle

All cattle can benefit from a regular schedule of preventive veterinary medicine. Diagnostic testing for brucellosis as well as tuberculosis, deworming, and vaccinations are all important to keep your herd healthy.

Bovine schedule for cattle living or born on your property:

  • Deworm – At weaning, then twice a year. Best done in the spring during “green up” and in the fall after the first frost.
  • Blackleg – First vaccine at 1 month of age, at weaning, then annually
  • Vibrio/lepto – 1 month before weaning, again at weaning, then annually
  • Respiratory – 1 month before weaning, again at weaning, then as indicated
  • Brucellosis – 4-12 months, preferred at 4-10 months of age.

We recommend following-up initial vaccinations with yearly boosters.

If you purchase cattle to add to your personal herd, we recommend vaccinating all incoming cattle as well as your existing herd if they are not current on their vaccinations already. We will repeat the vaccinations in 30 days, and then follow the yearly vaccine schedule.

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