Large Animals

Veterinary Care for Large Animals

horse-21245Of our many services, Justin Animal Hospital also cares for large animals such as horses and cattle. You can be confident that our highly skilled veterinarians and technicians are experienced in handling your animals and have the expertise to diagnose and treat them.

We will work with you to set up regular examinations, a schedule of vaccinations, and parasite control for your animals. Our veterinarians can educate you about what to look for, as well as the most effective techniques to keep your horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, or goats in great shape. Good husbandry is an important part of keeping large animals healthy.

Since it is not feasible to do examinations without proper facilities and restraint, we recommend making an appointment to bring your animal to us. We have a special area set aside just to care for large animals.

We also do realize it is not always feasible to transport your animals. When circumstances demand it or facilities are available, we can come to you. Our veterinarians can perform complete wellness exams, diagnostic blood and fecal testing, de-worming, preventive vaccinations, and dentistry at your location.

For more information on caring for large animals, please give us a call.

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