Orthopedic Surgery

We regularly perform a full range of Orthopedic procedures, frequently seeing local referrals from other veterinarians in north Texas.  Digital radiographs, up to date orthopedic equipment and therapy laser treatments help with the treatment and rehab before and after orthopedic injuries.  We have a special interest in stifle surgeries including cruciate tear repairs (CCL/ACL) and medical luxating petella correction (MLP).  We also perform many fracture repairs.

We perform the following types of orthopedic procedures:

  • Torn Cruciate Stabilization by either Arthrex Vet systems Tight Rope repair or Securos Extracapsilary stabilization.
  • Medial Luxating Petella correction
  • Fracture Repairs by Bone Plating, External Fixation, IM Pin and Cerclage, or Splinting.
  • Reconstruction of congenital orthopedic issues.


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